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    Trial Charges


      Why do I click the TRY NOW for 99 cents button, put my info in and then get my card charged for a full year? Then try to upload a pdf and am told I need to upgrade. Ugh!

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          In order for your account to "behave" at the upgraded level it is sometimes necessary to sign out and then sign in again.  I do see that your account is at the level you expect so I believe once you sign out/in it will be working correctly.


          I can have Support contact you regarding the charge if you are seeing that it was not correct.  Signing up for the "Basic" trial should charge the 99 cents initially and then after one month start charging $14.99/mo, it should not charge you for an annual subscription.  Let me know if you would like Support to contact you, and if so ensure the phone number in your account is the best place to reach you and I will forward a message.




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            hartshar@gmail.com Level 1

            Josh, this has not been resolved. My account shows $152.87 taken out by

            adobe 5/21/14 but no refund. My contact info is:


            Sharon Hart


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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              Hi Sharon;


              Both issues or just the charge?


              Regarding the charge, I forwarded to Support who will follow up with you very soon.




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                hartshar@gmail.com Level 1

                I actually got a response after I wrote you that said it had been refunded

                (or it's in process) so I think it's resolved. Thanks for all your help and

                sorry to bother you.