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    Charting Over Time


      I'd like to create a form that a person might submit several times over the course of a year.  It doesn't appear there is an option in the summary report to create a chart over time (like a line chart tracking the values of an answer over several dates).


      I realize I could export to Excel and create a chart, but my goal would be able to have a summary report for people who don't know how to create charts in Excel.


      We use different forms for our Veterinary Practice.  We'd like to create a form for clients who have pets in declining health or have a particular issue we are tracking.  The client would go to the form, enter their last name and pets name (we can filter the reports easily that way), and then enter numeric rating values for things like "mobility" or "appetite."  Over the course of days, weeks, or months, it would be great to see a chart that displays the change in values over time to notice downward or upward trends in health.


      I know there are probably other ways to do this outside of FormsCentral, but I'm trying to keep things simple (especially for non-technical folks who may need to retrieve data).


      Any other suggestions outside of FormsCentral would also be welcomed, but I'm wondering (from staff) if there are any plans to expand some of the summary reporting/charting capabilities?