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    Upgrading from CF 7 to CF10 - Unable to run templates in sub directories

    Jeff Hilliard

      We are upgrading a server from CF7 to CF10 and have run into an issue with the server throwing a 500 error when executing a CF file in a sub directory. For example, we have a login page which uses Application.cfm. We successfully get through the login process but when we transfer the user to a .cfm file in the sub directory of the main directory, the 500 error occurs. If we transfer the user to an index.html page in the same sub directory, it executes just fine. So this appears to be some type of issue with executing a CFM page only, but the issue is occurring only in a sub directory. Server is Windows 2008 server running CF 10 with the latest Hotfix. Any ideas would be appreciated.


      Thanks, Jeff Hilliard