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    Include an interactive Youtube player in Edge Animate - Not working properly!

    Imagchine27 Level 1

      Hi folks!


      I am working on a new project which is based on a interactive web video.


      In the Edge Animate proyect I have implemented a Youtube fullscreen player which has interactivity. On the one side, in the Edge project I have included a JS which contains the definition of the Youtube player API and all its functions in order to enable the interactivity. On the other side, in the HTML which creates Edge Animate I have included the div for the player and some buttons to play and stop the Youtube video.


      When I launch the website using Edge Animate everything works fine, but when I open the HTML file without Edge Animate, the Youtube player is not being defined (the player div is empty). I think the problem may be related to the external JS file in the Edge project.


      I don't recognise why this external JS with the Youtube functions only load when it is launched from the Edge Animation app.


      My aim is to load this project as a OAM file at the end in Wordpress with the Youtube player and its interactivity included.


      Need help for this issue! Does some know how to fix it?


      Fullscreen animation with Youtube Player as background with some buttons in the HTML project file to play and stop the youtube video. Youtube API functions inside an external JS file and included in the Edge Animate project. Only works when the animation is launched with Edge Animate. If the HTML file is open directly, Youtube player is empty.


      PD: I have attached some images in order to offer a clearer vision of this problem.