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    I am unable to log into my Adobe CQ5 on local host


      Hello all, I am unable to log into my newly installed Adobe CQ5 on my local host - http://localhost:4502/libs/cq/core/content/login.html?resource=%2F


      I am have already participated in a chat with an Adobe CS Rep - troubleshooting with him led him resetting my password, attempt to log in again still unsuccessful, finally he recommended that I contact support at 800-833-6687. Troubleshooting with the CS Rep on this line led him to validate that my license key was valid and my log in for Adobe itself was successful. What was not successful is my ability to log in to the actual application which I have recently downloaded - Adobe CQ5.


      I would appreciate any assistance possible as I am facing a client deliverable and need to log into the application as soon as possible.


      Thank you for your guidance in advance! - Frank