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    Odyssey 7Q Raw DNG export/import issues.


      Firstly I will start by saying that I am a self tought Premiere/After Effects user so I know a bit, but I still have much to learn.


      Recently I had chance to shoot some 2k 25fps + 200fps footage using an FS700 hooked up to the Odyssey 7Q external recorder.


      As I use CS6 I understand I am unable to import the DNG files in to Premier so my next option was to create a RAW video file in After Effects, grade it and then export as an AVI to be used on my timeline in Premier.


      1. Firstly, Convergent Design state on their website that you will need to do a 2.2 gamma correction on the footage as it will appear very dark and under exposed. How do I do this? I have tried to find video tutorials but I can't seem to find any basic answers. Plus, when I adjust my exposure in the RAW panel which first appears when importing (similar to photoshop) the image then looks extremely noisy. I have used the 'remove grain' plug in but I have to use it excessively to make the image look usable and even then it isn't perfect.
      2. Once I have made my adjustments in the RAW panel and carry on in to normal AE mode, I can't find how to re-open the RAW panel, am I missing a trick?
      3. Finally, no matter what adjustment I make in AE, when I export as an AVI, the image looks exactly the same way as it did before any of the adjustments. It comes out looking extremely noisy.


      Apologies if I haven't used the correct terminology in places, I am still learning. I hope someone can help me.


      Many thanks