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    Interactive PDF with Buttons




      I am rather new to the whole world of Indesign CC but have been slowly learning more and more about its features. I have ran into an issue that has been frustrating me for the greater part of today.


      A few weeks ago I created an indesign cc document that took the form of a .pdf case study. I then added clickable buttons to the bottom of the page so that an individual could click the button and go directly to a URL that was linked to the button. It worked perfectly when I exported the file to a .pdf and sent it around the office for draft approval.


      However, today I opened the original file to make a slight revision to the title. Clicked save and then exported it to a pdf as I had done so many times before.


      The buttons have disappeared.


      I have combed the web looking for answers and have not been able to find an answer to the question of: "Where did my buttons go?" I did not change any settings. I did not change anything in the export window. I did everything as I had done previously where the buttons were visible and worked with the rollover.


      I noticed the interactive drop down menu on the exporting window. Two options are available: Do not show - or show appearance (which shows where the buttons are, but they are not interactive, are not clickable, and do not roll over).


      Please help.


      Sincerely yours,