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    Does the fix for WebHelp issues in RoboHelp versions 10 and 11 work when accessing Help from a Web Server?

    MackDuff Level 1

      I am using RoboHelp 10 with the latest WebHelp fix.

      I copied the files in the fix to the specified folder in the instructions, regenerated the Help, and tested my WebHelp on IE 8-11.

      When viewed locally, the WebHelp output seems fine.

      The Help is accessed by our users from a web server, so I put up the newly generated output on our web server and tested the output and this is what I found:


      IE 8: Index and Glossary take 3-4 seconds to load, which i guess i okay.

      IE 9: Index and Glossary take 3-4 second to load. Index entries are too big and use a different font.

      IE 10: When you click a topic in the Search pane, you get a blank page. When you click an entry in the Index you get a blank page. After using the Index/Search and then go back to the Contents page, you get a blank page.

      IE 11: Index entries are cut off



      Has anyone else run into these issue? I can live with the issues on IE 8/9/11, but the blank pages on IE 10 are unacceptable. Does the fix not resolve these issues or am I doing something wrong? Why would the fix work locally but not when accessed from a web server?

      Any info would be very much appreciated.