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    Why does left side text in my fillable PDF disappear when I export from ID6?


      Hi there! Looking for urgent feedback on fillable forms.


      I created a form using InDesign 6 - mainly text fields using the interactive: convert to text field function. I used these settings: Event: Release on Tap; Printable, Required, Scrollable; Font size: auto.


      When I export the form using "Interactive PDF", what happens is that text entered to a fillable line is cut off on at the beginning of the line. Only half of the first character will appear.


      I tried adjusting the width of the interactive text box, looking at paragraph alignment settings, and field settings in Acrobat X and can't figure out how to change text alignment within a field.


      Seems simple enough, but haven't found a forum or tutorial that speaks to this. Help!


      Many thanks,