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    CF Flex Wizard

    See4th Level 1
      The CF/Flex Application wizard is a mess. No matter what I do, I cannot eliminate the 'overlap existing project' error.

      At the end of the wizard, if I choose new project, I get the 'overlap' issue. If I choose existing, click Finish, nothing happens!?

      I tried creating a new work space with no projects in it and I still get the overlap issue. I guess Eclipse does not allow me to organize my web dir structure as I have with DW & Flash.

      I am running IIS on my XP machine with a common web root of C:\...MyWebs\.
      Then all my web projects are dirs are under MyWebs: MyWeb\ProjectX\
      I have the CF web root pointing to MyWebs\
      However, all my Flex Projects are in the workspace of: MyWebs\_FlexProjects\
      And then each Flex project falls under it like: MyWebs\_FlexProjects\ProjectY\

      I have created numerous Flex projects in the MyWebs\_FlexProjects\ dir with no problems (File>New>Project>Flex Project). But if I try to use that damned wizard, I'm somehow overlapping.

      Sorry so verbose, but trying to give the full picture. Any assistance is appreciated.