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    Automatically reduce overset text in a frame?

    Scott Haugaard Level 1

      I am working with variable data, which pulls text from a spreadsheet. I know I can fit text to a frame, but I don't want to fill the frame. I need the text to start at a specific size, and then if it doesn't fit, reduce the size of the font. I am merging data, so when I print, the document should compose longer email address, or company names, smaller than the intended 10pt. typesize.


      We own a license for XMPie, but it really slow, not to mention expensive to upgrade (again) now that we've moved to Creative Cloud. There must be a way using a plugin, or writing some script. We produce thousands of mailing pieces for schools and non-profits, and I want to steer the company towards an Adobe workflow. We have access to the entire CC suite, so maybe InDesign isn't the solution.


      ? Scott