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    Envelope curve in multitrack session


      Hello guys,


      just recognized youre answering quickly


      i have another question:


      Is there an option in Audition to put envelope curves under the multitrack clip with TEMPO or MASTERING or PITCHING???

      I know there is BALANCE and VOLUME and EQUALIZER..but i dont see these other options..


      Can they be added or is there a plugin??



      Thanks in advance again

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          SteveG(AudioMasters) Adobe Community Professional

          At the bottom of the control section of a track there's a triangular twirl-down button, and this reveals the rest of the automation lanes. But you won't be able to control tempo or pitch with them, unless you can find a plugin that would let you control these options in the first place, and you add it to the track (I don't understand what mastering is in this context), and that's rather unlikely...