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    hi folks, need help on submit action when rendering the form as HTML

    Ashok Deivasigamani Level 1

      In my form, I added a button and selected the Control Type option as Submit, in the Submit Tab in the object pannel, I provided the REST end point of my livecycle process.

      I used this form as a asset to the workspace start point and deployed the application with two action profiles. The default action profile will render the xdp form as a PDF and the HTMLprofile will render the form as a HTML 5 form. the submit button works perfectly fine when the form is rendered as PDF with the default profile, but fails to invoke the service when the form is rendered as a HTML, please let me know how to address the issue.


      The error that I get in the container is "Error 500: DSCError: ComponentID= DSC ErrorCode= 122 MinorCode= 0 Message= Input parameter: {2} not found on operation: {0}.{1} ErrorMessage: Input parameter: {2} not found on operation: {0}.{1}"


      if any of the fellow developers had faced the issue, please share you thoughts on how you resolved the issue.


      Regards -

      Ashok D