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    Cannot insert .aom file into DW CC page despite trying various forum advice. Hoping its a basic folder organisation and linking problem. "An" is showing on page but it cannot be seen in browser.


      Hi People,


      I've got a problem which may be laughable to some as I'm a beginner. I've been trying for weeks to insert my published Edge Animate CC .aom files into my Dreamweaver CC pages with no luck so far. I'm hoping its just a basic relinking/folder organisation problem.


      This is what I've tried so far. I've followed the standard basic instructions on various forums with no success. I found that the folder structure that my Edge Animate published was different to the default folder structure in a tutorial I read. My containers are fluid but I kept getting "Height is null", "Width is null" , until I manually inserted dimensions in the code. Now I get an "An" showing on the page but still no animation in the browser. My home page with its old intro animation works fine despite me trying to fix it by moving folders around a website that now resembles a dog's breakfast. I've been continually trying to fix broken links with mixed success. The broken links report list shows some as "undefined assets" which I do not know how to fix.


      Thank you in advance for your help. I'm running out of Valium fast so finding an answer will be a relief.