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    Credit Card issues!


      I´m having a problem with credit card, I use the same credit card in the past months with adobe subscription, and this month they tell me to update my card informations, but everything is ok.

      I chat, and make phone calls to customer support but no luck. I contact my bank and everything is ok.

      For security reasons the last card was cancelled and I update the card infos, the card that I have today, and in the last 3 months adobe receive the payment.



      I don't know what to do, the licensing days are ending.

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          Arnaud Mélon Adobe Employee

          Hello PRSantos,


          I checked your account and I have seen an issue regarding the payment.

          The credit card issuer is blocking the payment and therefore it can't be done.


          I would suggest you to please, verify with your bank and card issuer and assure you everything is unblocked on their end.

          Please specify them the Electronic Banking System/Service might be blocking the payment, that Service is part of every banks.


          Please let us know when you will have more information.





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            PRSantos Level 1

            Hello Arnaud,


            I contact the bank again minutes ago, and they tell me that everything is ok, nothing is blocking the payment. They have informations from the last payments from adobe, but not from May.

            I think the problem is with adobe, because a lot of people are having the same issues.

            I'm updating the card informations again.


            Please let me know when you have more information.


            Thank you.



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              Arnaud Mélon Adobe Employee

              Hi Pedro,


              I will get in touch with you by email to confirm personal data in order to resolve the issue.





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                PRSantos Level 1

                After 4 days I'm in the same situation, I change my credit card details, they charged 1€ and then, they don't charge the subscription. This is so frustrating!

                I change the card for new bank, and they do the same thing, back to the old card and they do the same, 1€, for verification and the subscription won't charge.

                Adobe keeps telling me that the problem is the bank, but I change the bank and the situation is the same, if they charge 1€ why don't charge the subscription?

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                  Arnaud Mélon Adobe Employee

                  Hi Pedro,


                  I have checked your account and the payment has been done on May 24, 2014.


                  Please let me know if you have any questions.