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    Custom Buttons in FlashPro/TOC Collapser

      Hello all.

      My project is a native RH 6 project (it was not imported from anything else), generated as FlashHelp Pro. I have two questions:

      1) is there a way to add a custom button and place it next to the other three at the top? I've gotten several requests for a "Home" button. Keep in mind I'm in FlashHelp Pro here. Yes, I know you can accomplish similar results with a Header Template & apply it to all the topics, but I wish to spare you the entire explanation of why that can't work all the time (you're going to have to trust me here). I'd prefer to know whether a custom button can be made or not.

      2) Is there a way of easily collapsing a TOC (I was thinking of maybe...a button click?) that has all it's books open and has become 37 meters high because of it? This is also a popular request. I'd like to retain the "Show Navigation Links in Topics" option if possible. So essentially, I want my cake and eat it too.

      Thanks in advance!
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi hpankin

          Question here. Are you publishing your FlashHelp Pro output to RoboHelp Server? If not, the point of creating FlashHelp Pro output is moot.

          To create a button requires Flash programming skills. A rare breed that is. Someone that understands both Flash and RoboHelp skins. Good luck with that. I'm not there. I WANNA be really bad, but unfortunately haven't yet figured out how to cram 72 hours in a day.

          As for resetting the TOC, you should be able to construct a link that simply reloads the FlashHelp system. Once you do this, the TOC should start life anew.

          Cheers... Rick