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    How can I reset the CTI for each clip to 00:00?


      I'm brand new to this - got Premier Elements 12 yesterday, so please bear with me.


      I have clips from a soccer game, each of which starts with 00:00. I have written notes about key scenes in each clip using the time that scene occurs in each clip. But when I add clips to the timeline, each clip's CTI begins at the point where the last clip's left off. So, say I wanted to get to a scene in clip 2 at 0:44. But clip 1, with a duration of 4:30, precedes clip 2 in the timeline . To get to the scene I was looking for in clip 2, I'd have to add the 4:30 from clip 1 to the 0:44 in clip 2 to find my scene in the timeline at 5:14 . Obviously, the problem only gets worse with each additional clip. And near impossible when I trim clips.


      One "workaround" I can use is to make a copy of the original clip in project assets, adjust the in and out points in the copy to get the scene I want, save/rename that scene and add it to the timeline instead of the original clip. Each scene would then be renamed and would show it's specific duration in the timeline. But that seems like a lot of work, to have to make copies of original clips in assets, trim them there and take them to the timeline. Back and forth, back and forth.


      Is there a way to keep the start and end times of each original clip when I add it to the timeline, so I can isolate each scene in that clip and trim out the unwanted portions without having to do math or spend time making and trimming copies? To be more succinct, Can I reset the CTI at the start of each clip to 00:00 within the timeline?


      I hope I've described my issue in a clear way that doesn't cause confusion. If not, please let me know what other questions you have or additional info you need to understand the issue I'm describing. Thanks, and sorry for the long post.