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    Why am I not getting full clip imported into Mocha from AE CC?


      First time attempting to try out Mocha. Using Adobe CC


      I've been following tutorials on bringing a clip from AE CC into MOCHA:

      Select the clip and go to 'Animation':

      Then 'Track with Mocha'.

      Mocha then opens and has an import menu.

      PROBLEM: In the import menu, it appears that all the tutorials are showing that a person can select the keyframes they wish to import (ex. 0 through 465 is automatically there in the tutorials). My import menu shows 0 through 0 and WILL NOT let me change them..It's like it's locked out. If I choose to bring in the clip anyway, it appears to only have brought in one keyframe and is not possible to scan through the timeline...because there is nothing to scan through.


      Perhaps I haven't registered it or something. Same problem on a co-workers CC account-they also just trying it for the first time. Thanks for the help.