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    Symbol not relative to stage

    niico1000 Level 1

      I have a symbol that animates right to left on a motion path - the full width of the screen.


      I'm getting its position from my main timeline like this:

      var sy = sym.getSymbol("symbol").getSymbol("nestedsymbol")



      I want the symbol to scroll off the edge of the screen. I allow it to do this, but if - say, I allow it to scroll 200px off the left of the screen, its position is reported relative to that with the above code. So it's always reporting 200 further left than it is.


      Global is set. Should this not be reporting its position relative to the stage?


      (if I move the object so instead of finishing 200 pixels off the left of the screen but at 0 Y, then it reports its position as expected).