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    SWFLoader in a local file loads remote SWF, security question

      I'm posing the following scenario in the hope that someone can given me some direction on how to get this to work using Flex 2. Given the following:

      a) local Flex 2 app running in a browser called local.swf that basically just uses a SWFLoader to load in (b)
      b) this is another Flex 2 app running on http://mydomain.foo/remote.swf
      c) remote.swf needs to connect to aimexpress.oscar.aol.com to initiate an AIM conversation

      I'm setting things up this way in the hope that I can somehow cause remote.swf to inherit the security settings in local.swf so that remote.swf can connect to aimexpress.oscar.aol.com once it's loaded.

      When I run remote.swf from my filesystem, things work fine and I can connect to AIM.

      Basically, I want to distribute a very small swf stub file to my users so that I can push application updates to remote.swf without having to redeploy to their desktops.

      I can currently get remote.swf to load up just fine. However, remote.swf seems to timeout when connecting to the AIM service and coughs up the following error:

      *** Security Sandbox Violation ***
      Connection to aimexpress.oscar.aol.com:5190 halted - not permitted from http:/mydomain.foo/remote.swf
      Error #2044: Unhandled SecurityError

      Thoughts on either how to fix this problem or architect the solution differently?