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    ver. 1.2 Android "new costumized Gallery" Sucks


      Photoshop Touch Mobile is now useless!
      I'm forced to use the "new costumized Gallery" (intead of being able to use my favorit image viewer)
      It's slow, there are no Thumnails so I have to select pic based on the filename, wich is impossible and it seems like the folder and files shows up random without being able to sort.


      Please bring back the possibility to choose which App we want to use for selecting pictures.


      How do i Downgrade to old version?


      HTC One(M7)
      Android 4.4.2

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          ibarrien Adobe Employee



          the reason for the customized gallery was that a lot of users couldn't import images due to the Gallery apps memory usage.

          Which image viewer were you using before? Are you looking into a very large folder when looking for your images?

          Btw, "no thumbnails" sounds like a bug to me.


          Downgrading is not possible over Google Play as far as I know..




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            Ronnikn Level 1

            My preferred Image viewer is QuickPic otherwise I just use the stock Gallery.


            Can you Please make the option for us to choose if we want the "new costumized Gallery" or the image viewer we prefer.


            For now the App which I have paid for is useles.


            Now I can se som of the pictures in some of my small folders. Other small folders still no thumbnails.
            In one of my large folders I can see thumbnail on one of the pictures.


            2014-05-22 14.33.09.png

            2014-05-22 14.33.17.png


            2014-05-22 14.34.40.png


            2014-05-22 14.35.46.png