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    Creative Cloud not working and insanity looms large


      Intel Core i7-3632QM CPU @ 2.20Ghz 2,2Ghz

      8Gb RAM

      64 bit x64 based processor Lenovo

      Pen support

      Those are my computer details. I run a variety of audio and video programs . I thought I would upgrade from my budget Serif software which I was using for graphics to my favored Adobe programs which I really enjoy using. Creative Cloud seemed to be a wonderful answer to the affordability of high-end programs. Unfortunately this proved too good to be true. I have had nothing but problems over the last few days, costly in both time and money wasted. Everything mentioned in previous user complaints has occured. My software has reverted to trial versions. Sometimes not. Serial numbers are asked for, I don't have those. Creative Cloud indicates the progs are up to date. I have tried the fixes suggested on the forums, don't work. What to do next, I don't know.

      Surely Adobe have. by now worked out a fix for this problem. Failing this I will cancel my subscription for the annual membership and go back to the Serif cheap stuff which actually worked rather well. Most disappointed. Would have been great to have used such an integrated system specially for the video project I am working on but which has now ground to a halt. Please fix.