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    Problemas para descargar video con Adobe Premiere 12


      Buenas noches, he descargado el Adobe Premiere 12 y cuando quiero descargar un video para hacer ajustes, me sale el siguiente mensaje: "Este tipo de archivo no es compatible o el codec requerido no instalado.Surely que instalar codecs, pero le Yo podría explicar cómo se instala?. gracias.

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          This appears to be a duplicate of a thread that you posted here only a short time ago.


          The original is in English; whereas this current version is not.

          Please continue this question in the original thread, accessed from the link cited above.


          A moderator should be along soon to delete or close this duplicate and direct replies to the original thread. Duplicate threads are confusing to the person writing the thread as well as those trying to reply to the problem.


          Thank you.