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    Illustrator vs Photoshop RGBs / What color profile to use for an online publication that is also to be printed?

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      Hi, I have been correcting the colors of a franchise company logo that is to be used for print, as well as online media.


      I created EPS files in Illustrator using Pantone colors, and I will be providing these for professional printing (signs, brochures, business cards, etc.)

      I have also converted these files to TIFF files through Illustrator, using CMYK, and will be providing these for in-house/desktop printing by business owners.

      I have also converted these files to RGB for online usage.


      When opening up the RGB files into Photoshop in order to work them into a publication template, I noticed the colors (which seem pretty true to the Pantone values I remember in Illustrator) were picking up as different RGB values from the ones provided to me from the marketing team. (The PMS color I was given was 280C, my file picks up as RGB 0-72-144 in Photoshop, and the RGB they gave me is 0.43.127) I understand that assigned Pantone colors can appear different than the RGB conversions when viewed on screen together (seeing that Pantones are printed, RGBs are on screen...I'm assuming the Pantone colors, when printed, should appear close to the RGB on screen versions...right?) Anyway, I changed my original RGB values (0-72-144) that were created from the original Illustrator values to the ones provided by the marketing team (0.43.127) just to play it safe.


      Firstly, please let me know that all of this is correct, and that I am provided the owners with the correct types of files and color profiles dependent on the jobs.


      Secondly, I am also to produce a publication using the logo that will be distributed online (RGB), but needs to also be able to be printed, in the case that the business owners would like to distribute it via hard copy as well (CMYK/Pantone)... need I provide them two variations of the same document (one for online, one for print), or is there a color profile that can be appropriate for both uses?


      Forgive me, as I only know the basics of these color profiles, and don't quite yet understand the way they work together.