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    weird movement between keyframes? (not boomerang)


      I'm using CS3 and I'm getting some wierd movement occasionally between keyframes in "position" and it's not the boomerang effect. The frames aren't identical, but the z position SHOULD be the same and not change (the x and/or y do). I've looked at every angle I can find and used the graph editor and can't figure it out. In the preview screen I can't see the movement in the path but when I use the graph editor and use the value view I can see the odd random jerky movement in the z line. It's almost like a wiggle (which I've never actually used) and not a smooth continuous motion like the boomerang effect. :-/


      I can't find anything on google about it, although I might just not know the write phrasing. Does anyone know what might be causing this??? It's driving me crazy!