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    weird movement between keyframes? (not boomerang)

    jghoodleehoo Level 1

      I'm using CS3 and I'm getting some wierd movement occasionally between keyframes in "position" and it's not the boomerang effect. The frames aren't identical, but the z position SHOULD be the same and not change (the x and/or y do). I've looked at every angle I can find and used the graph editor and can't figure it out. In the preview screen I can't see the movement in the path but when I use the graph editor and use the value view I can see the odd random jerky movement in the z line. It's almost like a wiggle (which I've never actually used) and not a smooth continuous motion like the boomerang effect. :-/


      I can't find anything on google about it, although I might just not know the write phrasing. Does anyone know what might be causing this??? It's driving me crazy!