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    Should I use Samsung RAPID?

    Chase Chick Level 1

      So Samsung has a feature exclusive to their EVO line of SSD's.  Right now here is my setup.


      EVO 120gb: OS, programs

      EVO 500gb: Source files

      PNY 250gb: cache, scratch, previews

      3x TB in RAID 5: exports, project files.


      Given this article:

      AnandTech | Samsung SSD 840 EVO Review: 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB & 1TB Models Tested


      Would you guys reccommend to turn on RAPID or leave it off?  Looks like there is a mild cost in terms of RAM according to Anandtech's article, but then the read and write speeds pretty much double.  Currently I have RAPID configured to the 120gb because you can only do RAPID for one drive.  But I was hoping to solicit some comments on whether I should turn it on or off, and which out of the two EVO drives I should use it for.  Thanks in advance!