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    Dice Roll


      Hey guys,


      I recorded my friends and I playing a table top game.  I want to put together some highlights, add some effects and such as a way to learn AE/Premiere.  I didn't record the dice rolling so I wanted to add a simulated dice roll on screen. 


      For example:  Say on my turn I rolled 4 dice (4, 5, 5, and a 6).  I want four little dice to appear on the bottom part of the screen (big enough to notice them but small enough so they aren't taking up a large section of the screen) that spin in place to simulate rolling.  After a second or two they should stop on the same result that I actually rolled in the game.


      My initial thoughts on how to do this was to create 6 different animations (one animation for each dice result).  Import these animations into Premiere and then add the animations to the timeline as needed.  So in my case...I would add the two animations for the 5 result and one each for the 4 and 6.


      Is this a good way of going about?  Should I try a different angle to get my needed results?  Can AE even do a dice animation like I am talking about or do I need another program altogether?  My friend recommended Element3d (from videocopilot) but I would rather not buy that if I can do this another way.


      Sorry for the long question