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    What causes a slow mouse/cursor response on a fast machine?

    cliffclof Level 1

      I have a system that has always displayed poor cursor redraw performance with certain adobe applications.   All rendering and other effects are fast, but basic mouse selections and button knobs are extremely unresponsive.   I have searched and searched and can not seem to find out what causes the mouse cursor speed issues.   Does anyone have any ideas as to why my mouse would slow for such basic Interface interactions?    Do I need to change my hardware, settings, displays, BIOS, etc?


      Any insight into what the mouse redraw/refresh is called in terms of computing would help me search for a solution.  And if you have a solution as to why my mouse cursor acts drunk and sluggish when interacting with the Adobe UI's in premiere and after effects and sometimes Photoshop I would greatly appreciate the help.


      Thank You.  I attached a screen shot of a very basic selection interaction that is dog slow.  The selection box redraws like there is a lag in some process associated with the square box overlay.


      Computer Specs

      Windows 7 64

      ASUS Z9PE-d8

      dual xeon

      64 gig ram

      quadro 5000 (driving two 30 inch dell monitors of different models  One DVI-D and the other Display Port)

      512 SSD main drive with windows Swap on 10k Raptor drive.

      *All have been updated and the issue remains for over a year and a half.


      Thank you so much.