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    Palm/Outlook Sync

      One of my ColdFusion applications has a calendar and tasks list. The client wants to be able to sync (or at least download) the data into Palm Desktop or Outlook. I thought I found a solution in Wyncs (wyncs.com) however after running into a couple problems they determined I was somehow competing against them and told me to "find another solution." I also looked into Intellisync, but that cost more than a small country. If anyone out there has had to build this type of functionality, I would love to know what you used.

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          A good quick solution is to leverage the iCalendar specification. Its a pretty simple text-based calendar-event spec that is natively supported by Outlook. A quick google search for ColdFusion and iCalendar or iCal should turn up some good hits. Once you create your iCal file, you can just serve it to your clients and they can decide whether to import it into outlook or Palm desktop.