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    Is there a way to play an animation up to a point and then stop?


      The page: I have a clock with animated hands that swing around. Where the numbers on the clock would be, there are instead twelve buttons. When you mouseover a button, a heading appears to the right. When you click the button, the body text appears. When the mouse leaves that button, all the text vanishes. This all works fine. However:


      At this time, I have the hands of the clock set to a continuous loop. I would like the hands to continue to run normally until they reach the button the mouse is over and then stop. Inserting a stop action on a mouseover or click make the hands jump to the button and stop, rather than continuing the animation until that point and THEN stopping.


      I am very new to Edge (3 days into my free trial) and the only code I know is the one that opens my bike lock. Is there a simple way to do this? Several hours of searching the internet and a lot of trial and error have gotten me nowhere. I'd rather not have to buy a stack of books for a program I may decide not to invest in.


      Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give me.