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    Read default position from JSON




      In an onClick-Event I move my elements outside the viewport. Now If I click again, I want them to come back in.

      Is there a posibility to read the default position from the myproject_edge.js ? Or is there even an easier way?


      Thanks for the help

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          Sudeshnasarkar27 Adobe Employee

          Hi ,


          You could have the default position of the target element in say 2 variables , valuex and valuey in the stage composition ready -

          var left = sym.$("Rectangle").css("left");

          var top = sym.$("Rectangle").css("top");

          sym.setVariable("valuex", left);

          sym.setVariable("valuey", top);


          Now when the first button to move the object offstage is clicked, it say modifies just the x position as -

          sym.$("Rectangle").css( "left", -100);

          On clicking the button to bring back the target element back to its original position you could add this snippet -

          sym.$("Rectangle").css( "left", sym.getVariable("valuex"));


          Attaching a sample file also for reference.


          Thanks and Regards,

          Sudeshna Sarkar