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    How do I fade in a video clip behind a still image


      I have a single video layer, hidden for half a minute by a still image in the layer above. At the end of that time, the video layer suddenly appears. What I actually need to happen is for the video layer to start to fade in after 25 seconds, yet it seems that the fade effect can only be applied from the start of the clip. At this point it has defeated me.


      Any help, gratefully accepted.



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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          have you seen the video editing tutorials towards the bottom of this page:

          Learn Photoshop CC | Adobe TV


          I'm assuming you have either Photoshop CS6 or CC, but I think both handle video in the same way.  I can't give first hand advice as I use Premiere Pro, but I just loaded a video clip into Photoshop CC, and after dragging a Fade onto the clip, you can hover over the end of the effect on the timeline, and drag to extend, thus altering the transition time.


          It took me a couple of minutes to work it out though.  It is _way_ easier in Premiere Pro!