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    Make an iFrame Scrollable on Mobile browsers (iOS)

    Feloxor Level 1

      Hello !


      First, i'm really sorry for my bad english. I Hope you will understand me


      Make an iFrame Scrollable on Mobile browsers, everything is on the title. It's work perfectly on desktop browsers but on mobile (iOS) it's not.

      How can i do to make it work ?


      During my research i found that :


      iOS 5 added the following style that can be added to the parent div so that scrolling works.



      But i don't know how to apply this webkit on the div which is holding my iFrame.

      Please help me, i'm lonely french (sorry) noob, lost in the W3C maelstrom !

      Thank's a lot !

      PS : i tried to upload my Project but this message appear during the upload : You are not allowed to create or update this content