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    Autodate signature

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      I have two fields, a signature field (S) a and date field (D). I have D set to read only. There is a "Action on S so when S is digitally signed, it places the signed date in the D. Problem; Everything works fine except sometimes, some D fields loose their date while the signature remains. What I want to do is lock the field once it's dated so the date doesn't disappear once the form is saved and opened back up.


      It doesn't happen consistently or occur in the same D field consistantly. So I'm not exactly sure what is causing the date field to loose the date. I haven't been able to reacreate the instance myself either.

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          To auto-date when signing

          1. Create signature field

          2. Right click signature field and click signed tab

          3. Click "This script executes when field is signed:" radial

          4. Click edit and paste the following

          var f = this.getField("Date");

          f.value = util.printd("dd mmm yyyy", new Date());

          5. Create field named Date

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            I have a signature field in my indd doc, but when I right-click it per your step 2, I don't see anything called "signed." Can you elaborate? Does this answer require scripting? If so, how do I get there?


            I don't understand why autofilling a date field when an Interactive PDF—created from InDesign—should be a tricky task. I'd think that's a very, very common use-case.... Qloud

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              Ok, so I'm using adobe Pro XI and the signature field is a digital signature field. Typically used with Common Access Cards (CAC). To add one of these fields you go to;


              note - if you already have a field on your form start at step 4

              1. Tools

              2. Interactive objects (if not loaded use the minus and add check next to it)

              3. Click "Add Button"

              4. right click button(field) and select "Add New Field"

              5. then select "Digital Signature"

              7. Left click on form the place digital signature (and delete the button you added in step 3)

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                Wait, you're doing this in Acrobat? I was looking for a solution entirely in InDesign. I don't want my users to have to do anything in Acrobat other than click "Send for Signature." The doc should be prepared wholly in InDesign before exporting to an Interactive PDF.