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    PNG alpha import bug - doesn't ask, interprets always as straight

    kaczorefx Level 1

      This has been an issue for quite some time now, finally found time to search for a solution and couldn't find one

      If I render a scene in 3dsMAX and save it as a PNG file, then I import it to AE, AE doesn't ask what type of alpha is in the image - it always assumes it's straight which is wrong because it's always premultiplied (coming from 3ds MAX at least).

      It asks with tiffs, tga, jpeg2000 but NOT with pngs


      Any thoughts on that?


      If you want to check yourself, maybe on a different 3D software:

      - create a plane

      - give it a self illuminating red material (so that there is no shading whatsoever)

      - throw a black and white gradient to the transparency slot

      In AE if you import correctly, on the transparency grid, you'll get a plane of constant red color gradually fading out. If it seems that the more transparent the plane gets, the darker/brighter the red also gets - you have a wrong alpha interpretation.