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    Adding Interactive Choices to a PDF Fillable Form


      I am brand new to FormsCentral, and so far I am humbled by the task ahead of me.  I've created a Field Assessment tool that includes a total of 19 pages, 9 of which are actual fillable forms.  Each form has a maximum of five questions, and each question includes 5 possible responses given criteria A and 5 possible responses given criteria B.   These response fields (See sample provided) are identical all throughout the Assessment, but they all apply to different questions within different organizational categories.   There are a total of 420 responses within the total Assessment form.   I was REALLY hoping for a way to copy these radio button response fields from the first completed page and apply it to the other pages.   I think I understand that they have to be placed manually, but I don't want to accept this too readily.   I am assuming that selecting each of these choices as radio buttons was the right thing to do.

      Fillable Form Sample.png