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    annoying feature in Windows version PS


      Recently I switched to windows, and I noticed there's a huge annoying fearture on windows version photoshop(it's cc btw). It's that whenever you use mouse wheel scroll to change value in input field(such as Hue/saturation) or browsing through options bar, they will keep being activated and highlighted, no matter where you move the cursor, different from Mac that activation follows your cursor(which is more user friendly), but you have to hit the screen with arrow or other tools to deactivate. It makes it really inconvenient because very often I need to use wheel scroll zooming back n forth on canvas to check details and the overall feeling, then the mouse wheel becomes very sensitive, for I have to be very cautious and frequently check back if there's any other options activated. Even more dreadful, with a function sub-window opened(like smart sharpen window), it's even harder to deactivate the highlighted in the new window.


      For this feature, I really missed my old mac, I don't know if this is even changable, I hope I made my point clear, and appreciate if anyone could help!!