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    CF11 log shows Error ajp-bio-8014-exec when calling a .net dll


      In CF11, I'm using cfobject to reference a function in a .NET DLL assembly. I had placed this DLL assembly in \cfusion\wwwroot\web-inf\cfclasses\DotNetProxy folder. The function simply encrypts a string. I had it working perfectly just last week.


      I then had to re install CF11. I installed it the same exact way I did the first time just 2 weeks ago.Now when the same exact setup and script is run, it fails and I get "Error ajp-bio-8014-exec-x" in the application.log file, where x is an incrementing number. There is also a new .jar file created in that DotNetProxy folder every attempt I make.


      Looking through other logs, I do not see anything specific about this error so I have no clues on which direction to go.


      I do not recall "registering" the DLL assembly when I set this up the first time. I simply place the DLL in the DotNetProxy folder. Maybe that is it?


      Is anyone familiar with the above message when trying to access a DLL assembly, and what to do to fix this?