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    "Favourite" scripts disappear on restarting FrameMaker 11


      Hi all,


      I am using FrameMaker 11 on a Windows 7 laptop.


      The script catalog is a very handy way to easily access common scripts. However, the "favourites" section does not retain newly added scripts once the program is restarted.


      Here is my workflow:

      Open FM, open script catalog, add multiple scripts to "favourites," run any script, close FM, reopen FM, none of the scripts remain


      If I do not run any of the scripts, they remain there the next time I open FM. However, running any script will remove all of them from the favourites section.

      I've noticed that the scripts do remain in File -> Script -> History.


      Is there any way to avoid this? It is very inconvenient to manually add the scripts back into the favourites section every time.