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    Submitting a Digital Publication ad (CS5) to a magazine


      I am using InDesign CS5 to put together a digital ad for a magazine, and, for submission, they ask for a "Collected Adobe InDesign CS4-CC layout with all supporting fonts and image files."  This has been going fine up until last month, when the person I submitted to asked me to set it up for Digital Publishing rather than Web.  I looked all over my version, and could only find one spot where I was choosing the intent as Web, and there was not an option for Digital Publishing.  He then advised me to download and install the DPS tools to be able to create the files specifically for digital publishing.  He also sent a 200 page PDF instruction manual.  I downloaded and installed the tools, and to the best of my ability went through the PDF and came up with an exported .folio from the online Folio website.  This, however, was still not what he is looking for.  He states that all they are doing on their end is switching the intent from Web to Digital Publishing, which sounds so easy, but I just don't have that option in CS5.  Is there something I am missing?  Is what they're asking actually included in the DPS tools (ex: Folio Builder)?


      Thanks in advance.