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    Where do my Adobe CreatePDF Desktop Printer Files Go?


      I've spent hours looking through the Adobe website for a simple answer to a simple question.

      One reader replied that all you have to do is log on to your account and you will find the document right there.  Good guess, but sorry.  Not so.  Just to test his theory I printed 500,000 pages.  I watched the Windows 7 print window to make sure all pages got spooled and printed.  They did, but they cannot be found.


      My congratulations to Adobe for the company with best no customer support support.  Once I log on there is no where to enter a simple question.  You can however enter something to start a discussion.  Maybe, just maybe someone might happen along and make a correct guess.  Who knows?


      And then you find a page like this one:


      Whoops.  Just like Adobe.  Set up a window to enter an Image.  Select the image, meet the requirements.  Select the image.  An hour later no image, no error message, but the window is still up and active.


      When you open the Printer window, and it shows the files printing to Adobe CreatePDF Desktop Printer, why do some files have the status of "error?"  What does "error" mean?  Where can I find what "error" is there and how to fix it?  Or am I just some dumb ******* who gives up my money for nothing in return.


      Adobe is as adobe has always been.  Impossible to navigate.  Slow, slow, slow.  And impossible to get any customer service.  And I am the dumbhead that pays for it.