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    My Alternate Layouts Are Missing!

    JustBob Level 1

      InDesign has been acting up.


      Command-H does not hide InDesign.


      Master Page items on pages with a custom size have shifted.


      And finally, my Alternate Layouts are missing in all my documents with Alternate Layouts! I trashed my preferences before with the Master Page problem, without results. How about this problem?


      All I have is a long list of pages, not divided my page size as they are supposed to be.



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          JustBob Level 1

          Okay, I trashed the preferences once more, restarted the computer. Problem did not go away.


          I selected a page and chose Create Alternate Layout to see if ID would create a new one correctly. Bingo! Ann the Alternate Layouts came back. So, that problem is solved.


          Funny things is, Alternate Layouts apparently create new paster pages for each size. Some, but not all alternate layouts have duplicated master pages. That is, master pages with the same name (that I gave them) but with a different letter in front of the name—same size and all, you know. Very strange.


          Even with this oddity, I wish my other problem were this easy to fix; that being master page items centering when a custom page is applied to a page (and then and page is dragged to a new position in the Pages Panel.) Happens every time!