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    Use Excel to send commands from PowerPoint to open specific screens in a movie in a window

    Rod@FOF Level 1

      Hello All,

      Excel allows a user to create a Drop Down menu that can be embedded into a PowerPoint presentation. The links in the Drop Down menu can contain hyperlinks. My question is, can the hyperlink contain the information needed to launch a MIAW that, for example, used the following criteria:  


          gCommercial = window().new("RooferManual_Fall_Protection2.dxr")



      I can do this out of a director projector, added to the PowerPoint, but they perform inconsistently. Clearly, if the .dxr launch could be linked to a hyperlink in an Excel drop down menu, I'd be in clover.


      There are about 80 frame based links in two movies that we would like to be able to access from within the PowerPoint through a drop down menu at anytime an instructor using the PowerPoint wanted to access them.


      Any thoughts about this, including other solutions that can be easily added to PowerPoint?