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    Strange text display in pdf using adobe reader exported by Indesign CS5


      Hi there,


      I have export an interactive pdf from indesign CS5 PC version with version 7 update, and it looks fine in most of the PC and Mac Adobe reader.
      But 2 of the computer had strange text display. One is the iMAC with latest version of Adobe Reader
      strange.jpg<== you can see the text "78" and "454" are abnormal

      But with the same computer using Safari with perview plugin is showing following result:
      normal.jpg<==you can see the text are normal.

      The pdf is embedded with following fonts and property:





      pdf property.jpg


      Another Windows XP with Adobe Acrobat 9 will had same display as the iMac.
      I ensure the Windows XP don't have the font installed with HelveticaNeue and the Mac is using OS Lion Bundle with that font.


      Now the customer blame it is the problem of the pdf created by me and I had no idea how to explain to my customer and find out solution.

      I had a trial version of CC but same result and no error during the export.


      Any idea is highly appreciate. The customer hotline and the live chat is hopeless as they send me to this community to ask since I use CS5 not the latest version.