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    Help using drop shadows in InDesign


      I'm creating my CV (Resume) with Indesign and the text boxes I want to have a drop shadow around but to get the effect I want I need to have a fill colour otherwise the text gets the shadow, however when I export to a PDF the text line weight seems to differ. Some is a strong black as should be but other elements seem to be a bit patchy. Is there anyway to make all the text export looking the same and can I get a drop shadow around the frame with out needing a fill colour? or will it always show the shadow on the text and stroke when there is no fill??


      Thanks for any help

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          It's not the fill, it's the shadow.


          Drop shadow is a transparency effect, and that can cause the text to look bolder on screen. Couple that with the "enhance thin lines" setting in Acrobat or Reader (which you cannot control for the folks you want to read the CV), and you can wind up with funky-looking text. You can also get unpredictable results with other PDF readers like Mac Preview.


          Unless you are being asked to demonstrate your design skills in the CV you are actually better off doing this as plain vanilla as possible to be sure it reads well under all conditions. It's neen years since I had to submit materials like this, but be sure, too, that PDF is acceptable. If they ask for Word, for example, your PDF will probably never even be opened.