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    Contribute CS3 error after install "Your version of Contribute is too old .."


      I reciever Contribute CS3 and installed and looked to see if I could administer CPS with it. It worked great.
      To do this imported my existing connection key for CPS that I previously managed with Contribute 4.

      I then decided to open Contribute 4 and went to Administer CPS and I get the following error.

      "Your version of Contribute is too old to administer this website. Please use a newer version of Contribute, or contact another webs
      ite Administrator"

      I uninstalled Contribute CS3 and same error. I cannot afford to create a new key and redo 60+ users.

      How do I revert? Were the changes made to just the key or or CPS or both?

      We only have one license for CS3 and converting everyone is not an option at this time.

      Thank you for your time
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          If you do not plan to administer a site with only Contribute CS3, go to Administer site> Compatibility> set to Transition.
          This will allow you to use other versions of Contribute. This error message can be fixed by doing the following (back up your .csi file for the site prior to changing this setting).

          1. Navigate to the folder \_mm\ on your server and open the file named - cthub*.csi
          (example: cthub6f52d6a5152350b4.csi) in NOTEPAD or any text editor...

          2. Change the second line contents in the XML from a value of 2 to 1 for read_vers_minor
          Then save the file and relaunch Contribute CS3 but make sure you have set the mode to Transition.