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    Beginner to Webhelp


      I've been using the html help for a quite long time (not very long actually 1 month) but I am becoming fimiliar with it. I also need to be fimiliar with webhelp format as it has good appearance. I got lost with all these files that are in the output after compilation as I was used to view one file in the Html help.

      If it was one project, this is ok for me but I have a master project and subprojects. I know that I have to publish all master and subprojects in one folder but I am facing problems with this.

      when I publish all of these files in one place, I know that the file that I will use as the start page is the master project.html but what is happening is that the TOC of the master project is overwrote whenever I publish a project.

      please can some one tell me what is the right way to view a webhelp merged project?