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    Photoshop for Linux


      Hello i tried lot of operating systems, but i found that the best one is Linux, especially Linux Mint 16 Mate.


      it is really excellent, lightweight and very fast even with slow computers.


      my request is '' Please produce Photoshop for Linux, especially for popular distributions. ''


      you know Linux OS is free, so people can pay for your products.


      thank you, best wishes ...

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          Please read the existing topics with the same title.

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            Adobe keeps quite about what they are developing.  There ls no question about it Unix type system are very good.  Unix design is now over 50 years old and still being used,  Photoshop is over 20 years old started on mac OS.  Mac OS was killed by Steve Jobs in favor of a better OS Unix.  Adobe did create a Windows version of Photoshop because of Windows large market.  Adobe also made the changes required to support Apples Unix type OS.   In Photoshop 20+ year history Adobe has shown no interest in other Unix systems type systems.  BSD, AIX, Red Hat  etc.  So if you want a Unix type system  and Photoshop  consider a Mac.   Linux is also 20+ years old still newer the many other Unix type OS.


            This is a Photoshop User site not an Adobe feedback site.  Some Adobe employees like Chris do visit here as user,  not in any official Adobe way.