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    Issue with webhelp produced by RH11 not displaying in Google Chrome


      My documentation team and I are having some difficulties with getting some web help guides generated by RoboHelp HTML 11 to display in Google Chrome and we're wondering if any others have encountered a similar issue.


      We have a HTML-based help system where the top frame is an interface with different tabs containing hyperlinks to all the user guides we offer (all of the guides are stored locally in separate folders after a user installs our company's software on their machine). Upon selecting one of these links, the respective guide should appear below with the left frame displaying the guide's TOC and the right frame showing the content.


      We recently upgraded to RoboHelp HTML 11 for the Chrome support and we can open each guide individually in Google Chrome with no issues. However, when we load the guides into our help system and try to call the guides from the hyperlinks in the top frame while using Chrome, the guides are not appearing. When I try to open a guide from within our help system in Chrome, the area where the TOC and content should be show up completely blank. This problem is only affecting Chrome since the guides in our help system render properly when we try to do the same thing in both IE and Firefox.


      Has anyone else encountered a similar issue with Chrome not displaying their web help? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated since we're completely stumped here.