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    What stops Swiffy sound playing in mobiles?

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      Dear all


      I have converted some Flash animations-with-sound to Swiffy, so I can offer visitors both SWF and HTML versions.

      For those who don't know (because there's not much around about Swiffy), it's a Google tool that converts an SWF to a JSON object embedded in HTML, then a Google runtime.js interprets the file when loaded (I think).

      The animations are good, comparable to my Flash versions.


      The problem is sound - on desktop PCs, I get full sound in Windows in the top browsers (FF, IE, Chrome).

      But there is no sound on Android and Apple iOS mobiles. Please test: http://www.casedasole.it/testing/swiffy.html

      One explanation might be that - at least in the case of iPads, but I've read also for Android - a user action is needed to load the audio, supposedly to let the user decide  whether or not to download a big file. 

      But,... the audio in Swiffy files is embedded in the HTML (look for "data:audio/mpeg;base64, ........" in the code of the sample page above).

      So, there really is no audio file to load, it's loaded with the Swiffy file, encoded in base64.

      Does anyone know why exactly mobiles don't just play the sound?


      thanks in advance



      PS: If this is off-topic, apologies. Everywhere I take this question (apple forums, android forums, stackoverflow), it's been marked as off-topic.